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As a Black professional or business owner, why should you network?

by Nexio

Posted on August 25, 2020 at 18:03 PM

Why should you take networking seriously? Okay, you have decided to start meeting other Black professionals or business owners. You have even signed up to attend a business event organized by some groups, and you want to share more on the professional group you belong to. But as you head into the hall, you freeze. You are now asking yourself what you could offer. Welcome to the networking world. When creating a new business venture, or scaling a current one, entrepreneurs are always in need of guidance and support. The truth? None of us can survive on our own. When we sampled the opinion of most professionals, the tip that most of them cite as the most helpful in improving their service delivery hasn’t been growing their website or improving their office: it is networking. But what is professional networking, and how can it help you to achieve your professional goals? Kindly read on. WHAT IS NETWORKING? Networking can be explained to be the exchange of information and ideas for the benefit of one or both parties. The essence of most networking is to share and help the other person grow. Effective and successful networking is the creation of healthy relationships, so it is a gradual process – not a quick one. But sure, you may meet a person at a meeting for the first time and share cards. However, the chances are high that they will unlikely remember you when they or someone else they know could use your services if you don’t follow up and develop a relationship with that person. Unlike ten years ago, networking today has taken on a whole new meaning. Before the advent of the internet, which ushered in a global world, networking generally meant going to events where people could meet, face-to-face, and share what they have to offer that could help other professionals. The purpose is still the same today, but the platforms for meeting other professionals have expanded beyond borders. With Nexio, you can network with someone in the farthest part of the continent, right now! HOW CAN NETWORKING HELP YOUR BUSINESS? There is no doubt about it that networking has proven to be helpful to all aspects of a growing business. From finding who to consult with to create marketing materials for you to how to layout your office, to how to deal with particular types of clients, everything can be discussed with like-minds. Networking can also help to answer questions that you might not know where to go to ask. You may need to ask someone in your field how they got started, take them as your mentor, and benefit from the numerous positives that professional networking has to offer. In order for networking to really help your business concern, you have to be seen. It is not a matter of attending one or two networking events a year or reaching out to your professional colleagues once in a while and expect to be among the top 5% in your field in your specialty or geographical location. You have to be seen often, and for an extended period of time. People have to get to know who you are and what your choices are like. They must see how committed you’re to the community and helping others. They need to know you care enough for other people to consider you worthy of information that will upgrade your career or business. Obviously in this time of pandemic, it is slightly more difficult but there are some online networking events that you can attend. And that’s why you have got Nexio. We have created the necessary tools that will help you link up with others who can help you and those that need help. Download the Nexio app today at www.nexio-app.com today and start connecting. …Nexio is committed to supporting Black businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals in building a successful brand…