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The best (and most secure) chat apps

by Nexio

Posted on May 13, 2020 at 10:23 AM

The growing importance of chat applications can easily be seen by the number of attempts to infiltrate them (or to scam users). The most recent is that of the Russian government which, on more than one occasion, asked Telegram to give it the encryption keys of citizens registered with the service. The company didn’t give in, if nothing else than for obvious technical reasons (end-to-end encryption is no joke), and is now being banned throughout the entire country.

But getting a glimpse into the platform where text, photo, and video messages are shared is somewhat the dream of every government in the world, as well as of every jealous partner, every father not too convinced of his daughter’s new boyfriend, and anyone who has time to waste butting into other people’s business.

The recent boom of chat platforms is due to two triggering factors. The first: the rapid spread of smartphones and the internet. The second: the decreed death of SMS messages and the consolidation of more interesting and “richer” methods of remote communication.

The risk of getting lost among the myriad of similar applications is high. In fact, behind WhatsApp lies a dense thicket of more or less famous software that are not always so similar, but have their own following. Messenger also deserves a special mention as a spin-off of the most populous social network, Facebook, and is practically used “only” by members of Zuckerberg’s network, with its several billion active users.